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Gold nuggets on out of the box thinking

I am part of a tribe! A tribe of women who encourage, support and uplift each other. The group is called LBDG – Little Black Dress Group (Little Black Dress Group) and once a quarter, a number of us Platinum

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I Know Victoria’s Secret

I have just returned from 10 blissful days in Hawaii and while it might sound like a jet setting kind of statement, I was actually there with my family courtesy of my very talented daughter. She was competing at an international

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The Use of Sound in Branding

Sonic branding (using sound to connect to your brand) is one of the less obvious brand development techniques. The recognition of a tune or jingle associated with a brand can be a very powerful trigger.

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Cues to branding

Branding is one of those concepts that most business owners find confusing. Surely once you have a logo, you have a brand? Not so. The reality is that branding is far more than the symbol of a logo or the

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Build a Brand through Brand Experience

One of the most essential elements of creating a brand is ensuring that you have a strong emphasis on brand experience. What does this mean? Simply put, it is how people experience your brand. How do they feel after walking

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How to Write a Brand Story

Who doesn’t love a good story? Every year millions of dollars are spent on movie tickets just so that we can be entertained by brilliant story tellers. It then makes sense, that to engage and capture the imagination of your

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You’re Fired!

Fired anyone lately? Or more precisely, fired a client lately? If you haven’t, perhaps it’s time. Now you may think that’s an awful thing to say. However, we all have certain clients who drain us of our time, our energy

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Brand audit your business in 5 minutes

Branding is a huge component of running a successful business. Through effective branding, you can ensure that your product or service is front of mind when it comes to purchasing. It will also help keep your competitors at bay as

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Why start up businesses should invest in branding

Branding is something that I am very passionate about. I believe that it is one of the most influential factors as to whether a business survives or thrives. Too often people start a business taking short cuts – especially when

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