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Simply getting a logo designed is not enough to start building a brand. There is so much more to it and our team know all the tricks of the trade. Branding your business is not something that we take lightly. Be assured that the WRD team is heavily invested in creating an image that you can be proud of. We offer a unique service that helps uncover the brand personality of your business. We take you through our custom built system that helps us determine the look, feel, tone, language and image that you want your brand to project.

You wouldn’t take your prize car to a dodgy mechanic, so why would you take your business – something that you have put blood, sweat and tears into, to a business that isn’t an expert in their field?

If you are struggling to get sales, not able to connect with your clients and you think that having a logo is your brand, then perhaps you might like to do our 6 month online Brand Magic Masterclass. In this program there are 12 modules that take you through all of the critical aspects of how to build a brand yourself. Debbie O’Connor takes you step by step through what branding is, how to find your brand personality, crafting your brand story so that people understand why you do what you do and why they should care. She talks about how to create your logo and collateral, both in print and online, so that they connect with your core brand values. Tone, language, dress, team and even brand experience are all areas covered in this masterclass. Work as fast or as slow as you please – you have 6 months in which to complete the program that is jam packed with worksheets and supporting videos and documents. This is a ‘must do’ course if you want to build a brand that resonates with your customers.


WRD is focused on the business of building brands. We aim to partner with you to help build your business while we manage and control your brand. Through our consulting program, we spend time getting to know our clients, what you are wanting and where you are planning to go.

We can assist you to obtain more impact, influence and exposure by developing a brand strategy that you can use throughout your business.

Being able to conceptualise strategies with our clients ensures that there is always a plan associated with every design. The WRD team are not ‘do it designers’ – we are thinking designers, and as such we apply strategy to all of our projects.

 Brand Personalities
Debbie O’Connor, our Creative Director has developed a word association system called Brand Personalities that is based on the concepts of Swiss psychologist Carl Jung’s 12 Personality Archetypes. We believe these 12 Archetypes can be effectively utilised in branding a business in our modern world, and give them attributes that can connect the brand to the consumer for bigger impact, better buy-in and stronger customer loyalty. If you aren’t in the position to go through the Brand Personalities consultation, feel free to head to the Brand Personalities website and work through the system yourself for free. If you get stuck, you can always come back to us for a one-on-one consultation.
WRD understands that it’s a challenge to get your brand up and running – especially when that isn’t your area of expertise. For this reason we have created a variety of different packages to cater for the different requirements your business may need. Hover over our different packages below to see more information on what each of these great packages have to offer or click to download a printable PDF.






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