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As a full service design studio, WRD offers website design, web hosting and domain name registration. Our websites are custom designed. They all come with Google Analytics installed free of charge so that you get monthly activity reports for your site to track how it is performing. Our easy-to-use content management system is SEO Optimisation optimised and is provided with a full procedures manual. We can also integrate social media into your digital strategy.
With our three web developers at hand we are able to offer custom designed websites that are suited to our individual client. Our websites all come with Google Analytics installed free of charge so that our clients get monthly activity reports for their site to track how it is performing. We can also integrate social media into your web strategy. Our websites are designed around our custom built Content Management System which comes with a full procedures manual so that our clients can update their sites easily. We can create responsive websites that will resize from desktop to portable devices.
We provide website maintenance to our clients that do not have the time or the knowledge on how to update their site.
We can register domain names for your website. Whether you want a single domain or multiple domain names, we search, register and assign your domains to your website.
We provide full web and email hosting service. A client can have up to 100 email addresses and we are able to change the bandwidth of each site to coincide with the amount of data used. We have chosen a service provider that has mirror servers which means that if the main server goes down the mirror server kicks in within seconds so there is no website downtime. They also backup their servers to an external off-site server for extra security. To assist with risk management and further security of the sites that we have designed, we have an automated weekly backup of all of our hosted websites to our office server.


WRD can set up and even maintain the social media pages for our clients. We mainly work with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn but can also set up Instagram, Google+ etc. Instagram has been the most popular, with Facebook following as a close second. We create a landing page in Facebook as well as a side graphic to enhance the image of their page. We then actively get 25 ‘likes’ for their page and then claim their page name for them. At this stage most clients then choose to take over the managing of the social media. We also recommend that they use TweetDeck to update all of the media at the same time.
Our easy to use content management system is SEO optimised and is provided with a full procedures manual. We also have an SEO specialist as part of our extended team who we collaborate with on larger projects.
With the huge rise and popularity of blogs we also offer this as a stand alone option or to have it coded into your site. Blogging is a great way of positioning yourself as a leader in your industry and being able to create content to attract more readers to your website.
We use an online e-broadcasting company as our service provider for e-newsletters. We offer a full service where we will set up the clients account, upload their database, create sign up forms for their website and design their campaigns. The program allows for full reporting letting the clients know how many emails were sent, how many were opened, who opened it, what links they were clicking on and how many emails bounced. It also automatically unsubscribes people from the list which means that the client is adhering to the Australian Anti-Spamming laws.
Our custom designed shopping carts allow for secure client login areas, easy registration, an easy to navigate and manage shop where clients can upload images, add descriptions, prices and sale items. We can also add features such as mouse over zoom in options when scrolling over images. We can integrate the delivery prices with Australia Post or add custom delivery according to volume or price point.
WRD understands that it’s a challenge to get your brand up and running – especially when that isn’t your area of expertise. For this reason we have created a variety of different packages to cater for the different requirements your business may need. Hover over our different packages below to see more information on what each of these great packages have to offer or click to download a printable PDF.

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