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Project: Rebrand, Logo Design, Collateral, Website & Shop Signage

Brand Personality: The Caregiver

CosmoCare has a strong philosophy for a business built around customer care.

They genuinely care for their customers and want to keep them safe on the road. More than that, they want to prevent women from being ripped-off and exploited when getting their car serviced.

“It is still intimidating for women getting their car serviced and there are thousands of horror stories of women (and men too) paying too much, getting conned into work that isn’t needed, and not being told exactly why work is needed.”

– Patrick D’Cruze, Owner of CosmoCare

CosmoCare wants to take care of everyone, but women especially. They will happily take as much time as is needed to explain why work needs to be done and if you need time to think it over, then that’s perfectly fine – there’s no pressure. They don’t have sales targets to meet so don’t need to ‘invent’ work. Instead, they provide honest advice on what your car does and doesn’t need. And they do all of this with a friendly, welcoming smile.

The inspiration all came about a few years ago.

Patrick, Owner of CosmoCare, has 2 young daughters and over the past few years, had started to see the world through their eyes. He realised the world is still not equal for both sexes. So to rectify this, in a small, local way, he and his wife took over their first workshop to provide women with the opportunity to get their car serviced to a high standard and in a non-threatening, non-intimidating environment with fair pricing and on-going education.

The brand needed to reflect CosmoCare’s high standard of work, but more importantly, their philosophy around customer care being at the forefront of everything they do.

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