Your logo is the foundation of your brand identity

Humans are visual creatures! So it is no surprise that your logo can be a very strong visual connection to your brand.

If you think about Nike, Mercedes or Harley Davidson you immediately recall their logo. Their logo tells you where to buy their product or service, and more importantly, it lets the world know who owns it. Ownership is a big part of branding and if customers are prepared to wear your logo on their chest, cap or skin, you have hit the bullseye!

Is this a goal of yours? Then you need to have a logo that connects your client to your brand, and make sure it is appealing enough to flaunt!

Brand your business with personality!

We offer a unique service that helps uncover the Brand Personality of your business. We take you through this custom built system that helps us determine the look, feel, tone, language and image that you're subconsciously wanting to project to your customers. With this personality type comes incredible clarity that helps us choose colours, fonts and shapes.

Designing a logo that aligns completely with your brand, enhances your positioning and resonates with your customers become simple.

But it all starts with the personality of your brand.

Thinking designers at your service

If you need a problem solved - we are the studio for you!

Whether you're after a clever, fun or funky logo, our designers think through the process. We strategise, plan and implement to bring you the best possible outcome. We are 'thinking designers', not 'do-it designers'. We are versitile and visionary. So if you need a sounding board, a team to bounce ideas off and if you're not scared to hear a different opinion, then you have come to the right place.

We see opportunities and solutions that you may not have thought through.

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