Apples don't sell computers

The brand does. The Apple logo just tells you where to buy the computer and who owns that brand of computer. Simply getting a logo designed is not enough to start building a brand - there is so much more to branding, and our team know all the tricks of the trade.

Branding your business is not something that we take lightly. Be assured that the WRD team is heavily invested in creating an image that you can be proud of. After all, it's our reputation at stake!

We offer a unique service that helps uncover the Brand Personality of your business. We take you through this custom built system that helps us determine the look, feel, tone, language and image that you're subconsciously wanting to project to your customers. With this personality type comes incredible clarity and a consistent message and persona behind your brand.

You wouldn’t take your prize car to a dodgy mechanic, so why would you take your business – something that you have put blood, sweat and tears into – to a designer that isn’t an expert in their field?

Visual Identity solutions

Brand Personality identification
Logo design
Business cards
Brochures and flyers
Capability statements
Annual reports
Art Direction

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