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A strong brand is so much more than a logo. It should underpin every element of your marketing, from what you say and how you say it through to what you do.

If your marketing isn't giving you the results you need, it may not be the marketing itself. Just like a half-built foundation won't support a quality home, you can't deliver marketing brilliance if you don't have a brand with backbone.

So if your brand isn't sending the correct message, connecting with your customers or reflecting 'who' you are as a brand, it may be time for a consulting session or to attend one of our training workshops.

How to Build a Brand your clients will fall in love with

In the same manner that our individual personalities define us, your brand personality defines your business to the outside world. It's everything that represents you, everything that you are known and appreciated for. In this keynote, you'll be taken through Debbie's top ten essentials for creating a brand that your customers really will fall for.

Digital Brand Strategy 101

Do you feel as though you are losing potential clients because your website is old, your social media stale and Google never ranks you - for anything? With this workshop, you will emerge with a well thought out digital strategy and action plan that will ultimately deliver a better return on investment and digital results.

MailChimp for Beginners

Learn how to get your message to hundreds (if not thousands) of clients for free with a click of the mouse! MailChimp is one of the most user-friendly Electronic Direct Mailout (EDM) programs; and for most small businesses, it is free! It's our fave, and we will show you how to use it to work for your brand.

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Our team of magicians are busy transforming businesses into brands. While we are adept at pulling rabbits out of a hat, we want to ensure that all of our shows end in a standing ovation. For this reason we are not taking any new clients until April. If you are a current client, you're in luck as we value your loyalty and support and will always prioritise your work.

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