Running a business is more than sales.But you need to pay your bills.
When did you realise that running a business was more than just making sales?

When did you realise that running a business was more than just making sales?

Looking back on 2008 we realise that there is way more to running a business than just making sales. Of course they are important to be able to pay your staff, bills and yourself, but there is so much more that happens – or should happen to connect and engage with your team, community and customers. We have always been very focused on ‘giving back’. Over the years we have supported many charities, raised funds, donated items, volunteered our time and installed sustainable initiatives well before they there ‘popular’. It’s just how we roll, however in 2008, fund-raising hit an all time high!

Fundraising hits new heights!

WRD more than sales parachute 4 penrith

It seems that a heap of people wanted to support Debbie jumping out of an aeroplane at 10,000ft! We’re not sure if this was in support of WestCare or they just wanted to see her petrified! Either way, she was able to raise $5000 for a great cause.

Watch the video here.

Home businesses do their bit

WRD more than sales

We mentioned the importance of networking in an earlier walk down memory lane. One of Debbie’s favourite networks was the Home Based Business Network. She loved the people she met there, as they were all in the same boat, trying to get their businesses up and running.

What she loved even more was the fundraising they did in support of local charities. Here Teresa Malecki, Judy and Jim Bale and Debbie present a cheque to Penrith Community Kitchen.

PS: We came across some old networking photos and thought we would share. If you are local to Penrith you may recognise some of these (younger) faces.


We exhibit at our first expo

WRD was a Gold Sponsor of the Penrith Valley Business Expo at the Panthers Exhibition Pavilion. The expo showcased a number of local business as well as delivered over 30 business development seminars.

The WRD team had great fun enticing visitors to ‘shoot a hoop’ with the promise of chocolate as a reward. We met some wonderful business owners, were able to reconnect with a lot of our clients and learnt that by testing and measuring, that Expo’s, for the time and effort they take, weren’t the best way for us to market our business. Test and measure everything!

Gold Sponsor Penrith Valley Business Expo

Giving back through mentoring

Megan Gilchrist from Aclipz Hair Design was one of 16 graduates from a Young Entrepreneurs Stepping Up Mentoring Program which was funded by the NSW Department of State and Regional Development.

The program ran over 5 weeks and consisted of business training evenings with guest speakers, as well as 8 hours of one-on-one mentoring which she received from DebbieO.

Debbie has received so much value from the mentors over the years, so felt that this was an important way to give back to other women in business.

Young Entrepreneurs Stepping Up Mentoring Program more than sales


School author visits

In 2008 Debbie was asked to do a number of school author visits to read her children’t book, Andrew Potato Face to students from Kindy to Year 2. Due to the popularity we created a fundraiser that is still used by pre-schools, schools, gyms and other health focused groups.Andrew Potato Face more than sales

Our first ever published article

juggling act DebbieODebbieO writes for many publications these days including the likes of Kochies Business Builders, Mumbrella, B&T and Dynamic Business.

However, her very first article published was for Growth Business, an actual printed magazine – remember those? The article was all about how to juggle family, work and life.

We can’t share a digital link but you can read a scanned copy here.


Unsolicited advice #6

Give back where you can. This is an important part of the business cycle. Over the years we have supported many charities and causes. We have attended fundraising events, raised funds ourselves, used $ from the sale of products such as business cards to fund the planting of trees in Australia after the devastating fires of 2019. Being able to give back is a privilege, and as big believers in reciprocity, we know that our kindness and generosity comes back in many ways – especially how good it makes a person feel.

Debbie becomes an Aussie

Debbie immigrated to Australia in May 2000 after marrying her wonderful Australian husband, David. 1 business, 2 kids and 8 years later she received her Australian Citizenship. The South African accent and sayings have stuck around. If you ever need some Afrikaans translating, our team could help you out!


DebbieO immigration

Winners are grinners

We won the trifecta! Winners of the Penrith Business Awards for Outstanding Professional Services 3 years in a row and in 2008 we nabbed the Innovative Business Award for our work with the Glenmore Park and Kellyville Business Directories.

Penrith Business Awards WRD

Written by our Creative Director & Branding Specialist Debbie O'Connor - Consultant, Strategist, Keynote Speaker

Published: Feb 1st, 2023