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Our promise is to create you a brand that you can be proud of. We have the magical ability to visualise your goals and manifest them through exceptual graphic design, branding, website development and strategy.

Branding is about connection and reputation. Allow us to empower you to understand your brand intimately and have complete clarity about who your brand is, how you want to make your clients feel and what you need to do to bring it all together. Branding is our key focus. It’s not just about designing you a logo, website or business card - it's about helping you build a strong and trusted reputation where you truly connect and resonate with your customer.

Branding is a combination of defining what you stand for, sharing your values and your purpose through story telling, brand experience and yes, eye-catching graphic design, so that you can create a long lasting memory for your customer.


Free workshop - How healthy is your brand?

Are you confused when you hear that your logo is not your brand?

Not sure what else a brand consists of?

Then this brand health check is for you.


How to build a brand with personality

In this much-anticipated book, you will learn more about Brand Personalities than ever before.

In Brand Magic – how to build a brand with personality, Brand Strategist and author, Debbie O’Connor looks at the 12 personality archetypes that we all already subconciously know and understand, but she also hones in even deeper into the additional 6 family members in each personality group.

Designed with the personality attributes in mind, each chapter gives the reader an insight into how through the use of design, colour and fontchoice, personality can be obtained.

Order your copy of the book today.


At WRD we are not just graphic designers - we are Magicians!

If you want to transform your business brand from ordinary to extraordinary then you have come to the right place.

We aim to empower you by bringing your vision to life. We partner with you and inspire you along the way to make the impossible possible.

Branding with personality is our key focus. It’s not just about designing you a logo, website or business card. It's about looking at the big picture; how you want to achieve that and creating a clear strategy for you to get there. After all, branding is far more than just a pretty logo.

We are in the business of creating Kelpies - not sheep.

If you want to be the go-to for your industry - we can help you realise your dreams!

what's your brand personality?


Since time began, people have been sharing stories. Stories that evoke emotion and capture our imagination. Whether they are stories passed down from father to son or shared in fairytales, stories are a big part of what makes us human.

An innocent maiden, a wise old man or a magical fairy, somehow we understand their personalities, can conjure up an image or identify them with a simple description. Our job as your brand specialists, is to create this same connection between your customers and your business.

This is why we develop all of our brands around our unique Brand Personalities test, a powerful word association system developed to help build strong, relatable brands.

The next course starts soon

So many business owners that have come to see us know that they need help with branding. But they don’t know what they don’t know, which is where DebbieO comes in. Debbie consults with business owners around the world about how to build a brand that connects and resonates with their clients.

However, consulting fees are not always within a new business budget. Debbie genuinely wants to help as many business owners as possible build a brand that will empower them to see their visions realised and reach their full potential.

For this reason, she has created the online Brand Magic® Masterclass. Learn everything you need to know about branding in this easy to follow 12 module program over 8 weeks.


At WRD we feel very strongly about being able to give back. Over the years we have supported many organisations, initiatives and events. Today we feel it important to give back to the community that our Creative Director comes from. White River Design is actually named after DebbieO's home town of White River in South Africa. This beautiful haven is nestled on the border of the world famous Kruger National Park, and is a very rural area away from cities.

Within the community is an organisation that is literally changing lives. The Good Work Foundation is reimagining education. Of 100 children that start school in South Africa, approximately 60 will reach their final year, 37 will graduate, and only 12 will access university. Almost none will be adequately equipped to participate in the fourth industrial revolution. GWF are on a mission to change this and so are we.

For every new client we onboard we will sponsor a child to enter the Good Work Foundation program for an entire year.

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Our professional graphic design and branding approach to your creations benefits your business and your clients by producing a look that is far superior to your competitors.

Our branding and graphic design team is dedicated to enhancing the image of all businesses that are aspiring to grow.

Our promise to you, is to create a brand you can be proud of.

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