Find your brand personality with our online quiz & learn the 12 archetypes

Don't waste another cent on marketing until you know your Brand Personality.

Here are a few questions for you:

  • Do you think that branding is all about the logo?
  • Do you know what brand voice to use when communicating with your perfect customer?
  • Do you know the style of imagery that will enhance your brand?
  • Do you know if the colours and fonts you've used in your brand identity is sending the correct message?
  • Do you know what brand experience you're creating for your customer?

Imagine having a brand that truly connects and resonates with your customer. Imaging having a framework to easily enable you or your team to know what to post on social media, how to write website copy or even what style of photos to have taken or source for your business.

All of this can be so easily solved if you know your Brand Personality.

Book a one-on-one consultation or you can play our online Brand Personality Test. If you play the test and then decide to take up one of our branding packages, we will fully refund you the cost of the Test.

What are Brand Personalities?

The Brand Personalities system that we use is built off the 12 Personality Archetypes developed in the mid 20th century by Swiss psychiatrist and philosopher, Carl Jung. Jung determined that these 12 personalities make up the collective unconscious. This means that we intrinsically already know these personalities - we don't have to be taught them.

For example if I had to mention a caring grandmother, a thrill-seeking adventurer or a successful business person, you have not only conjured up in your mind what they look like, but their personality traits too. And I would bet you a million dollars that the caring grandmother is not covered in tattoos and taking her grandkids bungie jumping! No, that would be the Rebel grandmother, who probably also owns a Harley.

Now imagine if you knew your Brand Personality. Imagine having complete clarity about how your brand looks, sounds and connects with your audience. Imagine being able to easily create a language and tone that would resonate with them, keep them coming back and turn them into raving fans, because they not only love what you do - they love how you do it and how you make them feel.


Naturally compassionate, nurturing and dedicated.

Naturally expressive, original and imaginative

Naturally playful, spontaneous and humourous.

Naturally independent, authentic and curious.

Naturally determined, achievement-oriented and focused.

Naturally idealistic, optimistic and hopeful.

Naturally intuitive, insightful and inspiring.

Naturally empathetic, unpretentious and resilient.

Unconventional thinkers who like to shake things up.

Naturally confident, competent and responsible.

Naturally intelligent, knowledgeable and reflective.

Naturally appreciative, passionate and committed.

Bring Clarity to your Brand and make life easy

Branding does not have to be rocket science or expensive, but it does have to be clear, consistent and engaging. Once you know your Brand Personality everything starts to fall into place. The clarity you will gain will make every decision you make so much easier. From what to post on social media, what to add to your website and even the brand experience you would like to create for your customers, we have no doubt that you will find this system beneficial.

You can try our online quiz or if you would like to be guided through the process we do one-on-one team consulting sessions. This is a great way to engage the key people in your business to determine what your brands personality is. If you decide to play our online quiz and then feel you'd benefit from a consulting session, we will deduct the quiz fee from the consulting cost.