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You can make a difference!

If you are like us you have probably sat in dismay and disbelief watching our beautiful country as it burns - and still is!

The loss of lives.

The loss of homes.

The loss of businesses.

The loss of millions of animals.

The loss of millions of hectars of nature reserves.

Have you felt hopeless not knowing how you can help?

As nature lovers we believe that by planting trees we can rebuild habitats, cool down our country and positively effect climate change.

So by simply ordering 1000 business cards through us, our printer will plant a tree on your behalf! This is a super easy way to not only grow our natural habitats but to grow your business at the same time.

Some shocking stats as of 14 January 2020

  1. 29 people have tragically lost their lives.
  2. Nearly 46 million acres have burned
    across the country.
  3. 1 billion mammals, birds, reptiles, insects and other species killed.
  4. Over 5,900 buildings destroyed
    (approx 2,683 homes).
  5. Firefighters from New Zealand, Singapore, Malaysia, Canada, Fiji, France, Papua New Guinea and the United States have helped.
  6. WWF-Australia launches the “Towards Two Billion Trees” to aid the koala bushfire recovery.

Help us rebuild Australia's natural habitat faster so that our wildlife have food and shelter.

Our goal is to plant 50 trees on behalf of our clients.

It will take years, even decades for the Australian bush to completely recover from these fires. Yes, we see shrubs and sprouts of green after the rains, but this won't replace the lost trees that add valuable sources of food and shelter to our wild life. Whether this could be fixed next month, next year, next decade - we have no plans to stop this campaign. We can’t guarantee a definitive deadline but we can genuinely say we have no intentions to wind this up if it continues to make a difference.

But we can't do it without your help. Every order of 1000 cards will help plant a tree. It's that simple. This is truly a case of a small gesture by many, can make a significant impact! Help us help Australia!

Why Trees?

Trees are amazing! And they are incredible for our environment.

Planting trees helps offset the carbon emissions that we, as humans create everyday without even realising it. Every tree you donate helps us restore more of the Australian landscape.

The super power of trees

Since time began trees have been critical in maintaining safe levels of oxygen and carbon dioxide on our planet. They are the world’s single largest source of breathable oxygen and play a vital role in addressing climate change. They filter air and provide oxygen, conserve soil and water, prevent desertification and protect and stabilise ground cover.

Native trees also assist our agricultural areas to be more sustainable, prevent salinity and soil erosion, provide shade, shelter, food and habitat to native animals. They provide sources of timber for fuel, wood, food, fodder, essential oils, gums, resins and latex, medicines and shade. In other words, the importance of trees can’t be understated. They really are our answer to the future.

Forests and our future

Ever heard of a gigatonne?

Imagine if we could reduce over 50 gigatonnes (50,000,000,000 tonnes) of carbon emissions that would otherwise enter the atmosphere? Well, it has been projected that by safeguarding and restoring carbon over the coming decades in our forests, peatlands and agricultural areas we could achieve this. The reality is that by maintaining our forests and restoring our natural landscape will make a significant difference in reducing climate change.

Researchers have identified a correlation between widespread land clearing and less rainfall in Western Australia’s Southwest region. This implies that reforestation may well have a positive effect on rainfall. And we all know how desperately Australia needs rain. The answer could simply be in our forests.

Native trees and biodiversity

The link between climate change and biodiversity has long been established. The reality is that rapid climate change affects the ability for many species to adapt. As a variety of species become endangered and extinct, the natural biodiversity decreases.

We are now aware that mass plantings of a single species of tree doesn’t optimise the reduction of carbon and will do little to restore the natural biodiversity of our landscape. That means all those other benefits will be lost. For this reason a variety of species of trees are chosen to be planted to rejuvenate an area.

For more information on the benefits of biodiversity go to Biodiversity Works.

Learn about CNCF and their programs.