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Brand strategy that packs a punch

Gain more impact, influence and exposure for your business by developing a brand strategy that will connect and resonate with your customers!

A well thoughtout and planned brand strategy will help get everyone in your organisation on the same page when it comes to moving your brand forward. This strategy will give you structure on how to talk about your business, what kind of experience you want your clients to have and even how to answer the phone!

One plan every business should invest in, is a brand strategy.

Your logo is not your brand

Apples don't sell computers! The brand does.

The Apple logo just tells you where to buy the computer and who owns that brand of computer. Simply getting a logo designed is not enough to start building a brand - there is so much more to branding, and our team know all the tricks of the trade.

Branding your business is not something that we take lightly. Be assured that the WRD team is heavily invested in creating an image that you can be proud of. After all, it's our reputation at stake!

Plan, conceptualise, implement

Having a brand strategy means that there is always a plan associated with every design. The WRD team are not ‘do-it designers’ – we are thinking designers, and as such we apply strategy to all of our projects. In fact we are so serious about ensuring you have the best brand for your business, we have developed an entire system for you to unveil your unque Brand Personality.

We are becoming famous for creating brands with personality that our clients can be proud of.

Let us work with you in creating a brand that your customers will fall in love with.

How it's done

We identify and put into play your:

Brand Audit
Brand Personality
Brand Positioning
Brand Promise
Brand Voice
Brand Story
Brand Culture
Brand Experience
Namestorming & Taglines

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