It was all ticking along, but in hindsight, we were in the eye of a storm.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the power of hindsight?

It’s interesting to look back on a year with the power of hindsight. Little did we know that the end of 2018 would see in the beginning of our most challenging year in business yet – more of that next week. We were simply going about business as usual. Adding to our team, growing our client base, doing more work with State wide and International clients. It was all ticking along, but in hindsight, we were in the eye of a storm.


Debbie O Brands

Debbie hit one of her biggest goals this year and she admits that it was really scary! It was the launch of her personal brand Debbie O.
She found this a very confronting process as she had to wholeheartedly put herself in the spotlight. With this new positioning, it meant that she could do a lot more of the strategic work that she has been doing with clients, run workshops for companies who want their teams to learn about branding and to speak at events.

WRD 2018 DebbieO
WRD 2018 power of hindsight

9 to Thrive success

For the first time, we exhibited at Business Chicks‘ amazing two-day event – 9 To Thrive! We spoke to so many wonderful women, shared the secret code to help them uncover their Brand Personality, sold Brand Magic Workbooks and had people sign up for our awesome online Brand Magic Masterclass. Everyone was a winner!

On air with the Men in Black

DebbieO on air on Alive 90.5 with Thought Leaders – Men in Black also known as Mario Bekes and Clive Smallman.
They seemed to have a great time talking business, branding, awards and even magic! One hour quickly turned to an hour and a half – but that’s not surprising when Debbie gets started on the topic of branding!

power of hindsight WRD

Brand Personality Photos

Digital Brand Strategy 101

Digital Brand Strategy 101 – our most popular workshop yet!

This group were learning all about diversifying their digital footprint so that customers can easily find them online. We looked at their website, SEO, SEM, blogs, e-newletters, social media, and so much more. An essential for business in this day and age.

TCF Meeting Room Penrith Training WRD power of hindsight
WRD power of hindsight

Welcome Susan

This year we welcomed Susan to our team for a number of months in the newly generated role of Studio Manager.  She’s a professionally trained graphic designer, artist, avid traveler, and mum of three. She entered our team to help manage projects, but her secret mission was to help manage a challenging staff member (see this weeks Unsolicited Advice).


Unsolicited advice #16

Hire slowly and fire fast. Advice I had heard but never thought that I needed to implement. The reality is that if someone is not right for your business, then it is better for both of you to move them on as quickly as possible. Having the wrong person in your business can cost you in time, money and stress. Take the time to find the right people for the right role and when they are right, treat them like gold and hold onto them, as the other option, well, it’s just not an option.


The bloody long walk

Walking 35 kilometres (46,200 steps) in one day, Debbie knew she’d cross the finish line exhausted and blistered, but that’s nothing compared to what people with mitochondrial disease (mito) go through every day. Mito is a terminal disease that robs the body’s cells of energy, causing multiple organ dysfunction or failure. Mito can affect anyone at any age. Debbie and Carol from Gravity Group did the walk together and raised over $5000 for The Bloody Long Walk.

WRD DebbieO Power of Hindsight

NBN Melbourne Cup fundraiser

Team WRD attended the annual Nepean Business NetworkMelbourne Cup Charity Breakfast. WRD has been a member of this network since it’s inception and each year they raising funds for a charity. In 2018 Penrith Community Kitchen was the recipient. A total of $37,000 was raised by this amazing group which will help the kitchen doors stay open for a while longer.

Craft and Christmas lunch

DebbieO with her little elves manned the craft table at the annual Penrith Community KitchenChristmas lunch for the homeless and disadvantaged. We had great fun making bon-bons and Christmas cards. This is always a sober reminder of all that we have so much to be grateful for!

Who will join us this year?

WRD DebbieO Power of Hindsight

Written by our Creative Director & Branding Specialist Debbie O'Connor - Consultant, Strategist, Keynote Speaker

Published: Feb 15th, 2023