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We were very excited to be given the opportunity to design and publish a cookbook for the Michelle Bridges 12WBT.

Cooking up a Deliciously Good Marketing Idea

At the beginning of the year we were very excited to be given the opportunity to design and publish a cookbook for the Michelle Bridges 12WBT. The team that we worked with were exceptional and were kind enough to do a case study for us.
This is a great example of how planning, a vision and goals can make your marketing ideas not only turn into dollars, but create credibility and equity with your user.


Please state your business, name and position

Sue Klose
12WBT, Chief Operating Officer

What was the project and brief?

For our first-ever 12WBT cookbook featuring program recipes and content, provide the overall design template and look & feel, design and produce the full 148 page cookbook and coordinate printing and delivery.

What were your desired outcomes for this project?

The cookbook was a special offer for renewing members, intended to inspire positive memories of their 12wBT experience and renew the connection with 12WBT. It was essential that the design captured our brand personality and was a very good fit with our overall look and feel. We also wanted a product that felt high-quality and worthy of keeping and sharing with friends. And we had a tight budget and very tight timeframe!

What were your challenges facing the project?

The timeframe may have been the biggest challenge, given the size of the product and sheer volume of pages. We needed to turn it around in about six weeks over the Christmas period. In addition, there was a huge amount of detail to manage, given the nature of recipe content. Even the smallest mistake could be a big problem, so we needed to know that we had a focussed team and plenty of quality checks.

What process did you go through to find solutions your challenges?

We considered a few options including in-house work with our existing permanent and freelance team. In the end, we realised we were much better served having a dedicated team with strong experience in projects of this size on a tight timeframe.

Did you contact competitors? If so, what made you choose WRD?

We did consider one other outside provider, as well as freelancers we’ve worked with in the past. The decision came down to experience on similar projects, the quality of their previous work, cost and a big factor – availability of all of the required resources and skills over the Christmas period.

What was your experience working with our team?

We had a very good experience working with the White River Designs team. We knew this felt right at our very first meeting when Debbie came with a big stack of cookbooks to use as a starting point, including some early examples that showed that she really understood our brand personality. From there, we got into a very easy and productive rhythm of work flowing back and forth and quick turnaround times for feedback. We had a good sense of where things stood and were able to make well-informed decisions about the changes that happened on the way through. Overall, a very productive and positive working relationship!

What was the final outcome and did the process meet your expectations?

We love the cookbook! More importantly, our members love it! We’ve received lots of positive comments from members.

What result did you achieve from the project (sign up numbers, revenue, exposure etc)

The cookbook was our primary driver for renewal signups for our first round this year. Our renewal rates were 50% higher than typical, and I’m confident the cookbook was the biggest contributor to that.

Would you recommend WRD?

We would absolutely recommend WRD. And they’d be at the top our list if we engage in a similar project in the future.

Written by branding specialist Debbie O’Connor
Consultant, Strategist, Keynote Speaker

Written by our Creative Director & Branding Specialist Debbie O'Connor - Consultant, Strategist, Keynote Speaker

Published: Apr 21st, 2015