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Sign-off Information

NOTE: Please check the artwork carefully as no liability for errors will be accepted after sign off.

As we are unable to foresee all possible circumstances, please be sure to advise if there is anything not included in your design that you expected to be included. Any design changes made after sign off will be invoiced at our hourly rate pro rata.

All artwork remains the copy right of WRD unless the Intellectual Property has been purchased. Please talk to our friendly team on 02 4732 4766 if you would like to own this IP.

© WRD 2024.

Payment Information

Where applicable, an invoice will be issued to you once your artwork/s has been signed off and confirmed by our design team.

There are now several options available when paying your invoice. You can still pay by way of direct deposit into our bank account. Our bank account BSB and Account No. will appear on our invoice. For your added convenience you can now also pay via Visa, Mastercard or Paypal by selecting the 'Pay Online Now' link appearing at the bottom of your invoice.

Please note that all invoices that are not paid by their due date will incur 10% interest until paid. To avoid this additional cost, please notify us as to when payment has been made by emailing the transfer of receipt to me at