Our aim is to empower you by transforming your business through creativity.

Branding is our key focus. It’s not just about designing you a logo, website or business card.

Branding is far more than just a pretty logo. Branding is a combination of defining what you stand for, sharing your values and your purpose through story telling, brand experience and yes, eye-catching visuals, so that you can create a long lasting memory for your customer. This memory is the basis for your brand – your reputation, and will take your business to places that without a strong brand, it will never be able to go.

Our multi award winning graphic design studio, is a branding specialist creative studio servicing both print and web design.

We are not ‘do it’ designers, we are ‘thinking designers’. We help you create a brand, not just a business. Clients come to us because you know that you will get more value for your money. We work strategically and conceptually, giving you that special ‘something’ that you couldn’t quite put your finger on. It means that our service is an investment in your business and not an expense, as all of our designs have a goal in sight and a plan in mind.

We are collaborators and like to work WITH you rather than FOR you. Our unique Brand Personalities System ensures that each brand we create or renew always comes from a space where creativity is king, personality is key, tone is defined and experience is maximised.

WRD specialises in corporate identity and brand development. Our superior graphic design and website design skills are utilised by businesses in the local Penrith and Blue Mountains area, as well as Sydney and abroad.

Our services range from the design of logos, business cards, letterheads and other business collateral, to flyers, brochures and catalogues, interior, exterior and vehicle signage, social media marketing, websites design and development and so much more.



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We are proud to be the only design and branding studio in Western Sydney

to have won 3 Sydney Design Awards

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So many business owners that have come to see us know that they need help with branding. But they don’t know what they don’t know, which is where Debbie comes in.

Debbie consults with business owners around the world about how to build a brand that connects and resonates with their clients.

However, consulting fees are not always within a new or struggling business budget. Debbie genuinely wants to rid the world of bland brands and aims to help as many business owners as possible reach their full potential.

For this reason she has created the online Brand Magic Masterclass program. Learn everything you need to know about branding in this easy to follow 12 module program.

 Let the magic begin…








What’s your Brand Personality?

Since time began, people have been sharing stories. Stories that evoke emotion and capture our imagination. Whether they are stories from the Bible, passed down from father to son or fairytales, stories are a big part of what makes us human.

The element that brings all of these stories together are the characters that keep popping up. Whether it’s an innocent maiden, a wise old man or a magical fairy tale, somehow we understand their personalities and identify with them.

Our job as your brand specialists is to create this same connection between your customers and your business.

This is why we develop all of our brands around Brand Personalities. It is a powerful word association system developed by our Creative Director, Debbie O’Connor to help build strong and powerful brands.

Are you a Magician, Caregiver or Hero?

Why not give our Brand Personalities system a go?











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Our 6 core values and beliefs are essential to the way in which the team works and are followed through from within the team through to the client.

1. Life – Work – Balance:

Work to live not live to work. Our office is family friendly with policies such as ‘drop and run’ if a call comes in relating to a child.

2. Think Like a Customer:

Treat clients and others in the team in the manner in which you would like to be treated.

3. Take Care of Each Other:

Look after clients and team as though they were family.

4. Can Attitude:

Nothing is too difficult. ‘We can do it, and if we can’t, we will find someone who can’.

5. Under Promise and Over Deliver

We deliver more than what you expect, providing increased value.

6. Always tell the ‘kind truth’

We will always be honest with our clients, telling the truth in a kind and respectful manner.

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