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Thinking designers look at the big picture and help you build a true brand.
If your logo is not your brand, what exactly makes up a brand you might ask?
Branding does not have to be expensive or hard. You just need to think about how you want to make people feel. Here are a few easy tips.
If you thought that your brand was just your logo then think again. Here are 52 extra branding tips to get you on track for the new year.
Your brand story sets the scene for your customers and gives them a reason to buy from you over your competitor. So are you telling your story?
Are you a hero, magician, rebel or seducer? Isn't it time to find out what your Brand Personality is?
There’s no denying that culture is an important fibre in our fabric as humans, so it's vitally important to get it right.
In a nutshell, your brand promise is your commitment to your customers, suppliers, team and yourself.