I know Victoria's Secret and it has to do with brand experience
Victoria’s Secret is a classic Seducer personality.

I have just returned from 10 blissful days in Hawaii and while it might sound like a jet setting kind of statement, I was actually there with my family courtesy of my very talented daughter. She was competing at an international gymnastics competition that was – to our delight – in Hawaii!
But I digress as I’m actually wanting to share with you a secret – Victoria’s Secret to be precise. America is a Mecca for big brand shopping and Waikiki is no exception.
After dinner one night I decided that I would brave the world famous luxury ladies under garment store – Victoria’s Secret. I must confess that I did go into a store while in New York a few years ago, but I was so overwhelmed by the displays and choices that I simply left with a bag of kissable lip gloss for myself and my team.

The Brand Experience

This time I was going to embrace the experience. Not more than ten steps into the store I was greeted by Pam who struck up a conversation with me. Before I knew it she was offering to give me a free bra sizing. Hell, why not? After all, I’m in one of the most well known lingerie stores in the world. Pam with quick dexterity had me sized up and heading to the pink clad change rooms for the much anticipated opportunity to try on some of their best sellers.
I was passed onto Caitlin who was all smiles. She selected their two most popular bras for me to try on in my new size which suggested that I was wearing my bras two sizes too big in the band and three sizes too small in the cup! I was dubious. However, when I popped the first bra on I was astounded at how comfortable the bra was but more thrilling was how perky my little puppies looked! Now you have to understand, once you hit forty, most of your assets tend to head south, so having these babies further north was a flashback to being 20! Oh and let me tell you, the material that they use for their pushup bra is so soft and tactile it would please both the wearer and the undresser – just saying.
The reality was that I didn’t actually need any new day or night bras, but like most people at this time of year, my renewed focus on fitness lead me to enquire about their sports bras. Caitlin bounced off to get me their two most popular sports bras (I couldn’t help but wonder if they were the most expensive) but I was in the moment, feeling like a princess and no price seemed to much to get my 20 year old perk back.
Bra after bra that I tried on, each fit was perfect. I was loving the experience, until I looked at the price tag. Wow! Could I justify the expense? The reality is that bra’s cost money and unless you’re happy to put up with a Kmart ‘too big in the band and small in the cup style of bra’, the price was certainly justified. It was just the Aussie dollar verses the US dollar that made me think twice. But I was in luck! Caitlin proudly let me know that it was the last day of their sports bra promotion and with every sports bra purchase I would get a free pair of their amazing sports pants – even if the pants were valued at more than the bra. Ok, that was it! I was sold.



I’m going to digress from my experience very quickly and just say that their marking and timing was perfect! To promote sports bras and pants when people have fitness and health on their minds is genius. It makes buying a bra a much easier decision as my head space is already justifying the purchase. While writing this post I hopped online to check if the sale was still on and found (that once again, very cleverly) their offer had changed to suit the new market mindset. This time in preparation for Valentines Day, Victoria’s Secret is now offering a free heart lacy panty with every $25 lingerie purchase. I know where I’ll be directing hubby this Valentines Day! If you are needing help with your marketing, we have put together a FREE MARKETING PLANNER that you can download here.

Back to the Brand Experience

Before I could leave the change room, lovely Caitlin who I felt was almost up there with my favourite friends, handed me my very own Victoria’s Secret card with the correct sizes and the bras that I had tried on. My own little bra shopping list if ever I wanted to purchase online or in a different store. How very helpful as I’m really not good at remembering these kinds of things.
Armed with my card, I was passed onto Patricia who took me through the store showing me where all of the bras where that I had tried on. I was directed to the correct draws that carried my particular size and was amazed at the choice of colours and patterns I had to select from (as all of the bras that I tried on in the change room were black). Oh the choices. Patricia left me in the sports section where my dilemma was whether I go conservative with black or do I break out into a daring multi-coloured, graphic statement? The latter won out – after all, if my breasts were looking 20 years old, why couldn’t I rock a younger style bra?
So now the decision was what style sports pants to get with my few super bra? Do I go with the Knockout crop, capri, tight, high-rise, mid-rise, low-rise, short short, run short, yoga… OMG!
Let’s just say that I left there at 11pm and the store was still pumping! My Victoria’s Secret experience was sadly over, but the memory will live on forever. Sporting my pink striped bag, I sauntered home as though I had just won the lottery. Who cares how much the bra price converted into Aussie dollars was – I am now the owner of an awesome new bra and a pair of VS sports pants. Hero status achieved – now I just need to hit the gym to justify it all!

Brand Personality

“Victoria’s Secret is a classic Seducer personality. Intimate, indulgent and connected, this brand makes you feel as though you are the most important person, building a rapport and relationship with the customer through the brand experience. Find out more about Brand Personalities.

Written by branding specialist Debbie O’Connor
Consultant, Strategist, Keynote Speaker

Written by our Creative Director & Branding Specialist Debbie O'Connor - Consultant, Strategist, Keynote Speaker

Published: Jan 28th, 2016