Colour most definitely creates emotions but did you realise that colour means different things to different cultures?
Don't you hate it when people get terminology mixed up and then land up confusing you even more?
As a start up it is tempting to bootstrap your beginnings, and sadly investing in your brand takes a back seat.
So how do you go about changing a dysfunctional culture, or better still, ensuring that the culture in your business is positive, engaging and inclusive?
What kind of reputation do you have? Does the client see value in what you offer and is it relevant?
There’s no denying that culture is an important fibre in our fabric as humans, so it's vitally important to get it right.
Did you know that by strategically developing a brand with personality, there is a much higher chance of being able to connect and resonate with your customers?
Creating a memorable brand experience is one sure fire way to increase business with loyal customers. And who doesn’t want that?
In a nutshell, your brand promise is your commitment to your customers, suppliers, team and yourself.