The $15 branding blunder

Posted on: September 29th, 2016

It spread through social media faster than a bushfire on a windy day. One bad customer experience resulted in a social media onslaught that has literally seen the overnight tumbling of a hairdressing franchise.

Kerrie Davies, editor of the Nepean News, was furious after being treated like a criminal at a local salon where she went to get her hair blow dried. She took to social media to vent her frustrations, not realising that her post would go viral. In fact it was shared overRead more »

What does your dress code say about you and your brand?

Posted on: August 31st, 2016

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to say that your clothing or style of dressing can tell people a lot about not just who you are, but also what you do, what your ambitions are, your religion or even how you like to spend your spare time.

Dress code uniformRead more »

Own your space and become an industry leader

Posted on: July 20th, 2016

What brands come to mind if I say:

– fast food
– safe car
– soda drink
– search engine

If you had answered, McDonalds, Volvo, Coke and Google, then you’re not alone.

These brands completely own their space. However it has taken decades (in some cases over a century), millions of dollars and one almighty plan to get there!

Owning your space or becoming an industry leader may sound like a pretty scary thing, and to most of us it seems impossible – especially if you are planning to complete with the likes of CocaCola or Nike. The reality is that unless you have a completely unique product or service, a huge budget, a water tight strategy and an incredible following and a will of steel, you’re unlikely to build a brand as big as these giants. So why am I then bothering to write this blog? Because there is another way to ‘own your area’.Read more »

How to create a tagline for your brand

Posted on: June 30th, 2016

A tagline is a catch phrase or slogan that is linked to a brand to help connect a particular message to a brand and assist with brand recognition. Creating a tagline for your business can be a very powerful way to cement your brand in the minds of your consumers.

Taglines fulfil an important role in branding as they allow consumers to quickly understand what a business is all about.

How to create a tagline

Read more »

Do you need a uniform for your brand?

Posted on: May 31st, 2016

Like it or not, how you dress has an impact on how people perceive your brand. Some brands choose to allow their staff to wear what they prefer, as long as they adhere to a company dress code, while other businesses require their staff to wear a uniform.Read more »

Brands leveraging off trends

Posted on: April 26th, 2016

The fast paced world that we live in is dominated by trends. What’s trending today will be passé tomorrow – I just need to look at my children to know that this is fact.

Being able to identify trends, will enable you to take advantage of consumer fads or industry developments. Whether they are social, environmental, political, economical or technological some trends can catapult an industry or destroy it.Read more »

How to build a brand with personality

Posted on: March 30th, 2016

Since humans could communicate, we have been telling stories. Stories that capture our attention, evoke emotion and connect us. Whether they are stories told around a camp-fire, passed down from father to son, fairytales or even passages from the Bible, stories are a big part of what makes us human. Having a good story makes the relaying of the message so much easier – just take a look at Rhonda and Ketut!

Rhonda and KetutRead more »

Gold nuggets on out of the box thinking

Posted on: February 9th, 2016

I am part of a tribe! A tribe of women who encourage, support and uplift each other. The group is called LBDG – Little Black Dress Group (Little Black Dress Group) and once a quarter, a number of us Platinum members get together for a day of learning and planning .

Apart from catching up with some beautiful friends who I haven’t seen for most of the summer, we were educated and entertained by the very enigmatic and effervescent Kieran Flanegan from the Impossible Institute. Aside from being wildly entertaining, Kieran has a mind like no other. She sees solutions where others see problems, and it’s no wonder that her and her business partner Dan, have built a name for themselves in the advertising industry. Here are a few gold nuggets that I learnt from Kieran.Read more »

I Know Victoria’s Secret

Posted on: January 28th, 2016

I have just returned from 10 blissful days in Hawaii and while it might sound like a jet setting kind of statement, I was actually there with my family courtesy of my very talented daughter. She was competing at an international gymnastics competition that was – to our delight – in Hawaii!

But I digress as I’m actually wanting to share with you a secret – Victoria’s Secret to be precise. America is a Mecca for big brand shopping and Waikiki is no exception.

After dinner one night I decided that I would brave the world famous luxury ladies under garment store – Victoria’s Secret. I must confess that I did go into a store while in New York a few years ago, but I was so overwhelmed by the displays and choices that I simply left with a bag of kissable lip gloss for myself and my team.

Brand experience and brand personalitiesRead more »

The Use of Sound in Branding

Posted on: December 14th, 2015

Sonic branding (using sound to connect to your brand) is one of the less obvious brand development techniques. The recognition of a tune or jingle associated with a brand can be a very powerful trigger.

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