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Yearly Archives: 2012

For the Love of Typography


I thought that I might discuss typography in this months blog as it is a much overlooked and ancient art that with the invention of computers has been totally undermined. Let me state from the start that I LOVE TYPOGRAPHY!

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Brand Personalities


For centuries stories have been told ofhero’s that save the day, sage’s that impart their wisdom and magicians that turn dreams into reality. Story telling is as prevalent today as it ever was, especially when it comes to developing and

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CMYK, RGB, PMS: What the?


Understanding Colour Profiles Our regular clients have become accustomed to us spurting abbreviations such as CMYK, RGB and PMS.  But for most business owners who don’t have design or printing skills this is merely tech talk and goes right over

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The Secret (Rocks) of Branding

The Power of a Brand Story This is an oldiebut a goodie demonstrating how a brand story can change the way we see and relate to things… I have three rocks at home. If you were to inspect them I’m

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The Power of Positive Thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking has been heralded for centuries as a contributor to those who experience tremendous success. I am currently reading Siimon Reynolds book “Why People Fail” and there is a whole section dedicated to simply repeating positive

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What’s Your [Brand] Story?

Brand stories are important as they are key business drivers. They can get new clients through your door and ensure that current clients stay loyal. The clearer and more compelling your brand story, the more it will power business success. Your

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Newsletters Capturing Clients

The internet and email have become very favourable and cost efficient vehicles used to market to current and prospective clients. One of the most effective ‘client capturing and keeping’ tools is that of a newsletter – printed or online. Many

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10 Tips to a Better Website

Your website is your gateway to the world. It is open to the public 24/7 regardless of where you are in the world. For your website to work for you, you need to ensure that it is working in your

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Designer Briefs

Now that image would have grabbed your attention! Sadly this article is not about Designer Briefs as in half naked women, but rather about putting together a clear and precise design or creative brief to give to your graphic designer.

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HIGH CreativiTEA

Over the last few months we have been participating in a group coaching program called the Ignite Series. The company running this program, Business Advantage Coaching, recommends setting rewards for goals that are achieved. This has been very successfully carried

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